Victory Square

Victory Square, has its small bars, its pastizzeria and its Band Club, the St. Lawrence. The latter is housed in a beautiful typical house with a carved wooden balcony, and its library is decorated with Maltese furniture.

For the locals, this square is known as “Il-Pjazza”. Its white statue of Saint Lawrence dates from 1880. The Victory Monument, erected in 1705 under the Grand Master Perellos y Roccaful, commemorates the victory of the Great Siege of 1565. A stone crucifix recalls executions prior to the 16th century.

The St. Lawrence Band Club is a building with an imposing façade that houses a music archive. On October 1st, the Birgu Festival takes place on the square, and people parade in costume.

On Easter Sunday, a statue of the Resurrected Jesus is carried through the streets… running.